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2005/12/03 07:26 - The face is the melody, the ass is the Bass.

Singing. Trains. Tubes. Buses. No Cars. No Stars. Singing. No Sleep. A little Sleep. A borrowed fold out bed. Unfamiliar light. No drugs. No alcohol. Ear plugs. Sandy eyes. Crackling joints. Wayward.

Money moving like instant soup through the pierced bottom of a plastic cup from a vending machine. No Money.

George Plimpton ; Out of my league'. 'Ringside'. 'texasville'. Wayne Ewing's 'When I Die'. The almost unwatchable grief of Anita Thompson.
Writing draft Two of The Walker brothers Biography.
Singing. Some songs may not make the album.
'Girls With Glasses' groovy but not grooving.
Kate Bush. A nameless song about becoming panoramic in the Atlantic. Gorgeous. Trains, headphones, screaming Children.
Singing-to The chamber bright Baby Grand of John Howard.
Radioing: To the Sound of Colin Wilson reciting Rupert brooke.
Singing; To the Voice of Vashti on 'Just so you know; Her singing to me five years ago and now me singing to her, singing to me, now.
What happened to Dot?

Before I left: A visitor. 21 years oldyoung; Francis K.
A new walk with Francis K.

Scary and fun, walking through bridal paths home at 1-29am, alone.
missed birthdays. Mercia. Mercy. Me.

2005/11/20 21:43 - ...November...

No shadow no stars
no moon no cars
it only believes
in a pile of dead leaves
and a moon
that's the color of bone

No prayers for November
to linger longer
stick your spoon in the wall
we'll slaughter them all

November has tied me
to an old dead tree
get word to April
to rescue me

November's cold chain

Made of wet boots and rain
and shiny black ravens
on chimney smoke lanes
November seems odd
you're my firing squad

With my hair slicked back
with carrion shellac
with the blood from a pheasant
and the bone from a hare
tied to the branches
of a roebuck stag
left to wave in the timber
like a buck shot flag

Go away you rainsnout
go away blow your brains out

Words by Tom Waits

2005/11/16 12:26 - beautiful cold frost and sun morning light cold hard sharp and frozen fire cold

First frost came Monday and I left house at 9-30 to enjoy it, running through crackling white fields on way t'Gym. The air smelt wonderful-of childhood mornings on another planet, of new old comics and all good things right and proper and with a place and a home.
Sadly, I did my back in at Gym overdoing it on Sit up machine. (You think these abs come from drinkign and Kettle chiips)??!! (You can grate cheese on my stomachs six pack. Which is handy as I like cheese-melted over chips and Chilli). Six pack? More like a keg.

Spent rest of Monday going mad, very weirdly...am obsessed with having tiny Tvs over the house all linked up to the main brain in the reception room-the dvd/VCR/Sky box. In turn-this wasnt enough. Once I got this up and running, with a 30 year old nikali black and white TV set atop my record and book rack in the 'music room' I ahd to plug it into my main amp-which is in itself linked to 6 speakers all over the house. This is so i can listen to '3 and a half men' wherever I am. Unfortunately this blew my amp and thats a buggery fuck cos its about 20 to fix it...third time it happened..and the amp-a beautiful inner green lit philips thing from 1974-only cost me 4 in the first place. but its so lovely, I couldnt dare put it down.

i'm also obsessed with in house communication. First it was phones-we have 6 set up in variosu rooms and I want one in the tree at the bottom of the garden-now its intercoms. I'm doing so if I get fast enough i'll be able to talk to myself upstairs while in the bath. Anna joked that most people in the country find a slug orn spider int heir ridin boots in the morning-not her-she finds a 1960's wireless intercom station! Although this means 'm going nutty, I dont doubt.
mainly due to waiting for projects to happen. Which. Aren't. Happening. For the most part.
The project i conceived and was steering for Victor Bockris and David Schmidlapp-a project that would see victors hive of tapes from the seventies released in a deluxe box set-seems to have evaporated.
the american label I was dealing with-a very fine reputable one-told me thay wanted to do it and gave me a date -late october-which was when they would make an offer. Having had a lively correspondence with the head A&R man at this label I had no reason to doubt it would evaporate into ether. but it seems it has. And I feel I've let voctor and David down...and my 'name' has taken on a shabby asociation in some parts of NY-a city i was and am eager to ebcome further aquainted with.
And the one thing that confounds me-if someone changes their mind as I guess this label have-why cant they spend a minute composing and sending an e-mail saying so? Why leave people dangling?
no matter how long I'm in this business I'll never accept this as standard or moral practice. but its something one has to forcibly not brood over...we move on, tired and heavier...

But the Walkers book is moving on for a March release. I'm re writing certain bits and am glad to be doing so.
meanwhile, I also got a rough mix of one of the british Ballads songs; I know you know' and I'm very happy at it. i have to steel myself toward the fact that as beautiful and complete this record will be-compared especially to everything ive done since 1997-it won't necessiarly change anything. What I want now is a family-Tiny Tony's-and following my heart and the union rules-ie music and writing-doesnt bode well for providing for such beings. but i cant help myself; the new record fills my wooden heart with Joy.
As do the sheep that invaded our garden on a daily basis.

Films; Caught 'hearts of the west' with Jeff bridges on TCM. Another wonderful movie that aint available (Like slither) on DVD.
Very dissapointed with 'A year in the Maine forest' by bernd heinrich. it lost it for me when the Raven grew up and flew the coop.
Am half heartedly reading 'Piccaso, my grandfather' a sad memoir...too cloying to affect.
Stopped drinking for a few days...kidneys feel normal..although problem with my teeth. its 60 a go at my dentist0theres nowt such thign as a NHS dentist round here..and thats another cause of dull worry.
Oh yeh..and listened to old Jack demos, for the first album. Compared to the album, one can see what a great job Peter Walsh did producing 'pioneer soundtracks'...Until last week when I thought back to how I ws then, I pictured 'Another country' era Rupert everett with Sinatra's voice.
Ho, was I short on a few things...
But its all good. makes me feel beter about the present.

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