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Leonard Cohen: A man who for many defined a generation.
SINGER, songwriter, author and, above all, poet Leonard Cohen died on Thursday at 82. His biographer Anthony Reynolds looks back on a man who for many defined a generation.

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Under Milk wood. Dylan Thomas. Clwyd Theatr Cymru. New Theatre, Cardiff.
For a play first premièred in the spring of 1953, Dylan Thomas' 'infernally eternally unfinished' masterpiece still springs forth with all the uncircumcised roaring pain and joy of a new born...

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Obviously he saunters on. This sight alone is worth the ticket price. He enters the stage unannounced somehow looking as if he's smoking and moves through the ranks of his formally attired players with serious dignity and casual aplomb...

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Japan Gentlemen take Polaroids 1980.
Japanís fourth album finally saw the group not only match but supersede their Bowie-Roxy influence.†It was the work where they finally began to sound like themselves and the turning point of their commercial fortunes in the UK...
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JOHN TAYLOR interview and review – ‘The Pleasure groove’ – Life and death in Duran Duran 
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New Bi Monthly diary by AR.
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DURAN DURAN, Cardiff Motorpoint Arena.
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Scott Walker
'And who shall go to the Ball' (4Ad) or 'In dreams begin responsibilities'.
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Leonard Cohen - A remarkable life - Excerpt. Chapter 11. back on Boogie street.
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Leonard Cohen - A remarkable life



Starman - David Bowie - the definitive
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Mick Karn ‘Japan and Self existence’ 
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The Walker Brothers Story 
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  The fodder at the foot of the bed,
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  The fodder at the foot of the bed,
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 Jack Pioneer Soundtracks promosexuals 
 • part 1 (click here)(PDF document)

 Jack Pioneer Soundtracks promosexuals 
 • part 2 (click here) (PDF document)

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 Anthony Reynolds in conversation with
Scritti Politti’s Green Gartisde

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Conversations with Paintings
A September 2005 interview with David Sylvian by Anthony Reynolds.(click here)


Hunter S Thompson
Bigger than the written word


Record review:
David Sylvian:
The good Son Vs the Only Daughter



Recording ‘British Ballads’ version 1


My Memoriam for Gus Dudgeon

A drunk abroad
(Part 2-beasain and Tuscany)

Dan Fante in Old London Town
An Interview by Anthony Reynolds

Meeting with Colin Wilson, Part I
An Interview by Anthony Reynolds


These were my memos to Birdland