Leonard Cohen - A remarkable life

A remarkable life
Copies of the Cohen book are available. Signed by author.
UK (second) edition : Hardback. French edition : Papberback.
UK edition is £12. French edition is 20 euros. Both includes P&P.
UK edition (its quite heavy) with overseas P&P is 25 euros.

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Calling all demons
'Calling all demons', (with a cover by Pat Gil) the new collection of A.R.'s poetry (In English and Spanish) is now available as pre order.
Copies will be sent December/January and if you order now, you will recieve a signed copy. Cost is 10 euros including postage to anywhere in the world.

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The Impossible Dream
The Story Of Scott Walker And The Walker Brothers
Anthony Reynolds

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Jeff Buckley: Mystery White Boy Blues
Anthony Reynolds

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'These roses taste like ashes'

(A book of selected poetry and prose)


Anthony has also conducted an interview with Dan fante for 'Beatscene'magazines and written various reviews for websites: