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Part I
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White Jazz (Live at Dublin Castle 1994/5?)
This was the gig that got us signed, more or less.
for an account of how Too Pure got to hear about us go here: http://www.toopure.com/history/#jack
I remember something coming together at this gig ; there was something special in the air, a rare spirit. I would have organized it -Mr go getter- and It was filmed by a chap at Middlesex university, which Matthew, Richard, Colin and I were still attending at this time. Most of the first album was written already, it sounds almost fully formed. A few lyrical changes and lacking a double chorus or too.
Jesus; I was only drinking from a quart bottle then...

Biography of a first son
This was always one of my favourite Jack songs; orchestral and deep but short and punchy. The chorus always gave me thrill; that subtle chord change making me think I was singing a '60's Morricone Pop song. Paddy's drumming always shone on this number.

Filthy names
This song was another gift;written in the summer of 94' by Matthew and I at my Green Lanes Room near Palmers green, London. My 'lead' guitar part got lost by the time we came to record it. My antoria jazzmaster guitar was a beauty to look at but sounded crap...yet it made anyone who wore it look cooler - no mean feat for me at this point..heh...

Dress you in mourning
I always wanted the warhol/Velvet underground thing going on in the background - the film - which was by A chap who I shared a house with at this time called Mark Video.
This song in particular needed it live as it was one long mutha that sometimes took flight on the outro and other times didn't.
A word about my wardrobe at this gig - this was one of my all time favourites. Vintage Dior Shirt and Cardin jacket with brown Levi Cords -classic. The let down was the bovver boots, which were, I'm sorry to recall Doctor Martin's. But hey, I was young and poor and I could pull it off. As could we all.

Dress you in mourning (Promo Demo)
This was one of the demo's mentioned by Paul Cox in the Too Pure History section -recorded at an horrific all night session in a hell hole in Wimbledon.
The demo was months old by this point, when Mark Video put some images too it. Much of the film is stock footage and his home movies although we did pool together to buy some film and shoot original footage. We wandered 'round London as I recall and filmed at our house -Number one Archway road. Some of the scenes were shot in my Dining room and bedroom. I remember a lot of the things in this bugging the shit out of me ; The Beatles pic (Although I love the Beatles) and Paddy making moves on a prosthetic penis. I felt like no one was taking my vision seriously man! I wanted an art movie not a Monkees clip!
But its real touching to see it now. Oh, how innocent. George came across as a natural on Screen I think, and he also cooked the delicious meal we're seen feasting on at the end.
The night ended with me puking my guts up once everyone had gone home. What was I drinking?

White Jazz (at leicester square Halloween party)
I know when this was -Halloween 1995 'cos 'Kid Stardust' came out as single of the week in Melody Maker that day. I don't know why the fuck we were booked to do a Halloween party.
But I do recall that we were already playing material that would end up on 'The Jazz age'...

Biography of a first son

For Luna
A weird song this...that I was instantly embarrassed by because of some silly adolescent Matt Johnson inspired lyrics. tut tut. Although the sentiment was true and the music was funk -eh.
paddy still had long hair here. George probably looked the coolest - too cool for the group even -but we hadn't got it together as a group, visually. I think I used to lend Richard and Colin and Matthew my spare suits, so we were at least making some effort...although even if george was my size he wouldn't have been seen dead in any of my togs. There is some serious facial hair happening in this clip.


Part II
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A rehearsal from...1996 I think...or was it early 1997...? I believe we were preparing for a Gig at Bob Geldof's restaurant or something..which was a horror show...and which may appear here yet...As it was filmed for German TV...Anyway...We were obviously dedicated 'cos this was early Sunday morning..at a place called 'The Fortress' in East London, Farringdon. I had come straight from a Warehouse party via Hampstead heath, where I had attempted to walk off an Ecstasy induced hangover with a lovely young lady. This explains my terrible hair but not the uncanny resemblance to Mr bean...

I don’t know why I want you
This was filmed at Border’s bookshop in Oxford St, June 2000.
The show was filmed by the organizer-Jane Pollard and also by the lovely Bartlett family.
I believe this clip is from the latter.
I’d long wanted to sing in a library and this was as close as I got.
A happy occasion.
Will Foster is on Piano and Jon viola on..well..guess..

Various poems
From the same show.
Reading from ‘These Roses taste like Ashes’-a book that was suggested in 1997 and came into being in 2002. And then disappeared again.

German TV interview Summer 1998
I did a reasonable amount of stuff for continental TV for the first two Jack albums, and this is one of my favourites from the clips that survive.
Interestingly shot and an interesting format.
I became slowly and thoroughly drunk through this interview and yet somehow made it to both a Jack rehearsal and to a date with a lovely French girl afterward.
I remember bullying Jack and being obscure and surreal with Emmanuelle.
This is the Holloway flat where I lived alone between late 1996 and late 1998.
I wrote a lotta stuff here and had too many good times..

Biography of a first son
Man..I had high hopes for our promo videos when I started. Nearly all were disappointments. The idea was Cocteau and Polanski, the result Laurel and Hardy.
This is the best of a bad bunch. Matthew didn’t bother turning up but you do get to see George and Richard kiss. Why? Why not..

Ho ho. This Speaks for himself.
A bar off Carnaby St with an audience of Leonard D’onofrio, Kirk Lake and Dickon Edwards.
Filmed by Momus.
Talk about a ladies night.

Anthony Reynolds & Arnaud Gransac
Froggy's Session

Recorded in Paris. February 17th 2011

Anthony Reynolds - Where the dead live (Froggy's... par FroggyDelight

Anthony Reynolds - Filthy Names (Froggy's Session) par FroggyDelight

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