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Romantic EP

Jacques - Romantic EP

Cowgirl’s and gringo’s
A little piece of you is loved by the whole of me
Winter pollen
Theme from ‘Last night in tremorfa’


Roses for ashes EP

Jacques - Roses for ashes EP

Tuesday’s child
Banished by the underground, hunted by the overground
Roses for ashes 


To Stars

Jacques - To Stars

SET 075 CD only
Setanta Records June 2000

So Long, My Blue Valentine
Blue Party
The Orchestra I Loved
This is What You Do
The Day Before You Came
Sad in the Sun
To Stars
It'll Never Happen Again
London Loves You
I Won't Let You Down

Produced by Rob Kirwan


Blue Party

Jacques - Blue Party

SET 076 CD and 7"
Setanta Records May 2000

Blue Party
When You Kill Me (CD only)
Beauty and Me (CD only)
Dead Love (7" only)

Produced by Rob Kirwan and M. Scott


Faster Than Beauty

Jacques - Faster Than Beauty (for sale)

MNB 2 CD and 7"
Mistemacbari Records December 1999

I don't know why i want you/Theme from 'Loved as a child but not so much now'
London Loves You
I Won't Let You Down
Morning Light (live in Paris)

Engineered by A. Fryer


How To Make Love Volume 1

Jacques - How To Make Love Volume 1
A collaboration with Momus

SETCD 058 CD only
Setanta Records March 1997

Tonight, You And Me Through The Gates of the World
Death of an Ex-Lover
We Can, We Will
Two Lovers
Morning Light
Dressing For Winter
Her Cello
When I Was King
Disillusioned With The Light From A Dead And Distant Star
The Crack In The Ceiling
The Harvest Is Over

Produced by Momus


Five Finger Discount 
kirk lake jacques single sleeve detail

Jacques - Five Finger Discount
A collaboration with Kirk Lake

IRE 2052 CD and 7"
I Records February 1997

Five Finger Discount
All The Clocks Have Stopped
10,000 Dogs (CD only)
Dementia Pugilistica (CD only)

Produced by Matthew Scott


Acuarela Songs 2

Acuarela Songs 2

Portrait of a teacher
Acuarela Songs 2 is a tribute, a melting pot and a briefing point. Last year’s “Acuarela Songs” was a 3CD album that compiled songs from Spanish and international bands that used the word ‘Acuarela’ ...


Sweetheart music

'Sweetheart music'

from the 'Moonpalace' compilation



'Winterpollen' (version)

from the 'Evensong compilation'