Links to some interesting places with interviews.

Itwwww.debbieburkeauthor.com : interview new
   Paint it Jazz Noir: The Music of “Adrift in Soho” by Anthony Reynolds

Itwwww.noisey.vice.com : interview (french version)
   Anthony Reynolds va publier l'ultime biographie de Japan
   > English version here.

Itwwww.chaindlk.com : interview
   Anthony Reynolds – Japan: A Foreign Place – a biography.

Itwlareviewofbooks.org : interview
   The Dolorous and Beautiful World of Anthony Reynolds.

ItwWales Online : interview
   Cardiff musician composes a musical tribute to Splott...

ItwBabylon Wales : interview
   Anthony Reynolds is perhaps best-known for fronting ‘90s band, Jack, and for
   his solo albums British Ballads and A World of Colin Wilson...

ItwRocksucker : interview
   Anthony Reynolds, formerly of Jack and Jacques, recently released A World of
   Colin Wilson
, a musical tribute to the titular writer...

ItwThe Quietus.com : interview
   On The Astral Plane: Anthony Reynolds Discusses Colin Wilson

Itwwww.delta.jeblog.fr : interview
   La cinémathèque d'Anthony Reynolds

Itwwww.jomec.co.uk : interview
   Intimate performance about growing up in Cardiff

www.pennyblackmusic.co.uk : Interview Part 1 
   www.pennyblackmusic.co.uk : Interview Part 2
   Author: John Clarkson

Anthony Reynolds’ Wholly Profane Life Of L Cohen
   www.1heckofaguy.com : interview

www.pennyblackmusic.co.uk : interview

A conversation with Anthony Reynolds
  (Heavy Words Are So Lightly Thrown Blog)

Ugly Things - The Impossible Dream, Review and Interview (Pdf)

Anthony - Interview, France 2002 (Mp3 format)

Rock and folk - interview-France-2002
Spanish interview - 2004
MiC:www.mic.gr, Δημοσίευση 10/2002

Interview with Anthony and Matthew, Cologne, 1998

Fugues.org, (Click here for just interview)

Froggy's Delight (In french here)



Interview for The darkened underpass

The darkened underpass article


Merry go round (french)

Penny black music

Uncut article